Massage is beneficial for everyone. It is an art of healing which is proven to improve the health of your muscles, skin, respiratory system, cardiovascular system and digestive health. It is also great for stress relief and your general wellbeing. Green Lotus Therapies in Collector, NSW provides different massage techniques to target different issues.

What we offer:

Remedial/Deep Tissue MassageRemedial Massage

Remedial/Deep Tissue massage assists in rehabilitation and pain management. If you have an ailment such as a prolonged injury, back pain, RSI or hip pain, Remedial/Deep Tissue Massage could really benefit you. It is a deeper or more targeted treatment concentrating on the affected area.

 Pregnancy MassagePregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is a very special time, but it also comes with challenges and changes. A pregnancy massage allows you to gain some physical relief from the extra pressure applied to your body. You can feel pampered and relaxed, as therapists create an environment where you feel deeply connected to your baby. Our treatment tables are fully adjustable catering for all stages of your pregnancy.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage forms the basis of all Western forms of massage. It helps to maintain your muscles in an optimum state of nutrition, flexibility and vitality. This massage will relieve the tightness in your muscles and the stiffness in your body. It is also extremely relaxing. As it is such a pleasant experience, this type of treatment is often received in day spas.

MassageTherapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage encompasses body, mind and spirit by helping to normalising body systems. The therapeutic touch increases wellbeing by stimulating the nervous, circulatory and respiratory systems. Your stress levels will generally be reduced . This occurs due to a decrease in muscle tension and an improvement in circulation. Your therapeutic massage session may contain a large relaxation element to it, but advanced techniques are incorporated to target pain, tension and assist with chronic health issues.

Sports Massage

If you are an athlete, a sports massage can really help you prepare or recover from a sporting event. By targeting a specific part of your body, depending on your needs, this massage helps the muscles and tendons perform at their best and increases flexibility and stamina.

Hot Stones MassageKahuna Hot Stones Massage

This is the ultimate relaxation massage. The Kahuna Hot Stone massage is an ancient art, drawn from the Hawaiian Ka Huna and Lomi Lomi massage techniques. Warmed basalt lava stones are placed on your key energy centres, or chakras, to bring about a state of harmony. This also warms and relives your stressed, tired or painful muscles. Following the placement of these stones, a variety of flowing, firm, rhythmic strokes are used all over your body – beginning with the legs and feet, then sweeping over to finish at your head. It is a sensationally nurturing experience and can improve your circulation and calm the nervous system.

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