Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy has become increasingly highly sort after across the globe. It is relaxing and pleasant to receive, and can produce results quickly.

Some of the benefits of cupping include:

  • increased blood circulation
  • nourishing the skin
  • reducing pain and releasing endorphins
  • moving blood stagnation and revitalising tissue
  • providing deep tissue work without discomfort
  • relaxing the nervous system
  • relieving sinus blockages and hay fever

Cupping TherapyCupping therapy is used all around the world and dates back to 450BC in Ancient Greece. It involves a therapist placing cup vessels on the surface of your skin and applying vacuum pressure. This vacuum draws toxins from your body and clears circulation blockages.

Our cupping therapists are trained in advanced Eastern, Western, and Modern cupping techniques, and will select the most appropriate treatment for you. The different methods suit different health and wellbeing issues.

Special face cup vessels are available for treatment to relieve sinus issues, a problem we know is very common in Canberra and surrounding areas. This has become very popular due to our excellent results. While cupping therapy can produce marks for a few days, these special facial cup vessels are designed for your delicate facial skin and generally don’t leave marks.

This therapy can be provided as an individual treatment or as part of a combined treatment with massage or NST. Our therapist will discuss your requirements and gain your agreement prior to using cupping as part of your treatment.