At Green Lotus Therapies Massage and Wellbeing Centre.

We do our best to improve the health and wellbeing of our clients. We start the process by asking one simple question:

‘How are you feeling today?’

When people book in for a massage, they do so for different reasons.

Some want to relax and escape the stresses of modern life, others have an injury or health issue, or their body is changing due to pregnancy or age… each is valid and personal.

And of course, every person is different. So at the Green Lotus Therapies Massage and Wellbeing Centre, Country Clinic located Collector NSW, each treatment is different too.

We talk with you about your injury or pain and assist you to understand why your body may not be feeling one hundred percent. By listening to your needs we can create a session with a combination of treatments specifically for you.

We offer a range of massage therapies and treatments (including cupping and pregnancy massage), meditation, wellbeing courses and Reiki so that you can have a variety of specialised care.

Green Lotus Therapies Massage and Wellbeing Centre has relocated to Collector NSW, just 45 mins from the nation’s capital, Canberra.